My new book, Indie Rock 101: Running, Recording and Promoting Your Band, published by Focal Press, is now available everywhere, including Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble.

About the book

Indie Rock 101 is part of Focal Press’s Mastering Music series, and is geared towards beginning to mid-level musicians looking for a clear, concise, all-in-one primer on running a band, audio production and promoting their music. It covers all the basics that can take years to collate from more specialized or technical books, magazines and websites—and it’s written by a real independent musician.

The book also features photos and Q&As from some of today’s best and brightest artists and industry players on the indie rock landscape—several from the San Francisco Bay Area (see left sidebar). The book is divided into 3 main parts: Running Your Band; Recording; and Promoting. A table of contents is available at the book’s page on Focal’s website.

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